About Us

Tendit is the ultimate solution for all your facility, street and thoroughfare needs. Whether you need a plumber, an electrician, a landscaper, a snow plow, a street sweeper, or any other service, Tendit gives you in one button everything you need, Enlist now!

Our Core Values

Keep it simple

Every problem will be addressed within the platform – only in one button.


Works on all platforms, with one user, you can generate any content you want.

Voice assistant

Not only writing to it, you can also talk with tendit, and it will provide a solution

Location Based

Also can assist base on your location, if you need local help and you’re not a local, tendit is here for you.

Helping You Grow with Technology

Tendit is a platform that leverages technology to help people with their facility, street and thoroughfare needs. By using tendit, people can access a network of professionals and experts who can provide them with quality services and information. Tendit simplifies the process of finding, booking, and paying for these services and information, saving people time and money. Tendit also enables people to learn more about their property or project, and get tips and advice from tendit’s team of experts. Tendit helps people grow with technology by making it easier and more convenient for them to maintain and improve their commercial properties.

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Our Team

Jonathan Rubin

Christina Belinski

ADV, Joseph Rozen

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